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Friday, February 23, 2007

Those were years......

I know I was kinda harsh on Amr Diab, and I still think that he really deserves what I’ve posted before. Anyway, as a gestures of good intentions, I show you here one of the most lovely songs in my past, We Yeloumouny, you remember the rhythm? The costume? That “fresh” video clip method back then (whatever it looks pretty Amish today) for the talented director—then a dear work colleague—Tariq Al ‘Eriyan. Please hit the button, and I hope you’d enjoy :)


بنت الحياه said...

Yaaahhh ..
I have soo many sweeet memories connected to this song..
Very original..
Compared to where he reached so far!! Pitty!!

nour said...

ايه ده ؟؟؟
انا كنت لسه بسمع الاغنية دى و الله العظيم
الشريك كلة بتاع و يلومونى كنت بسمعه
معلق فى دماغى من يومين و عمالة اغنى ويلومونى كل شوية
ايه يا علاء انت بتقرى افكارى و لا ايه؟؟؟؟:)))))))))

Muhammad Aladdin said...

بنت الحياة
كلنا عندما ذكريات حلوة مع الجدع ده

طبعا.. انا قارئ افكار معتبر

Tara said...

i hit the bottom & enjoyed as you requested but I think that he does not deserved what you've posted about him.
i like him so much.

Muhammad Aladdin said...

البلوج نور!! انتي فين يا بنة الفرات؟؟
طمنينا عليكي..ليكي وحشة و الله