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Friday, March 17, 2006

...تماثيل الملح

الصديق العزيز محمد كمال حسن اصدر روايته الاولي "تماثيل الملح" في سلسلة الكتاب الأول. ألف مبروك با كيمو و بالتوفيق الدائم إن شاء الله


أحمد العايدي said...

ألف مبروك يا محمد
ومن رواية للتانية يا جميل

ma7shy said...

I stunned when i saw the title with the picture of the man..

it doesn't matter what i understood..or what the writer meant..
i admit that thoughts are not relative..they are absolute..every thought in its own universe.

anyway i didn't find the book..even al aydy's novel & didn't read a word for you aladdin after maganin..

Locus cerolius

Muhammad Aladdin said...

Dear Locus
1- for Aidy's novel: Hit Diwan library-Zamalek
2- For Kamal Hassan: Hit the supereme council for culture-Al gezeera

and Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatever!

ma7shy said...


Thanks for responding & for the informations.

if you guys really express the phasing of our generation from the whole previous generations...I'll be really satisfied & happy :)

ps: i like the blog name indeed..the first idea came into my brain when i saw it..."A green dragon with a purple mustache saying (el bantaloon yamma) in the lempey's way" :P

illa ya3ni a whaterver? 3ah

Anonymous said...

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