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Saturday, December 10, 2005

An eternal memo about Al's command of English

One dear blogger friend has told me that some folks are in deep shit of my style writing in English. Sure you may say, sitting in ease drinking proudly of your delicate cappuccino cups, that I'd name them with the very rude dictionary I've got in my naughty head, or I'd even give her a wide diplomatic smile saying blah blah blah about another blah blah blah, and it'll be just OK, cause we're basically talking in a blah blah blah thing.
After those long sophisticated lines of mine some smart asses of you would guess the coming brickbat, yes, those folks who'd say am just annoying when am writing in English, those guys, YES, I do agree with them pretty much.
The other part of this line would be "…and I really do not care, with much of respect".
(I know some smarty-smart asses of you know it actually).
Anyway, I hope you not to take that line as a gesture of arrogance—which is my favorite sin, or narcissism—which is my dream value. It's really not. To prove you that I'd say my testimony.
Am not living in an Anglo-Saxon environment. Am not having an Anglo-Saxon lady or gentleman as a parent. Am not working with any profession which English language is a must. Am not tending to be an English-tongued writer. And at last not least, am not Joseph Conrad. Dot.
I'd tell that I consider English as my secret love. Something as I'd never get rid of. I'd log into those marvelous deep blues of that lingo and I'd forget about myself. I've learned how to love it from my kiddo kiddo movies, when the actor is talking in effortlessness, words swings out of his lips—or her lips—softly. That special tone they all have in those old glorious movies. Or that sweet greatness of the British accent when its bells and gravity and the flying "r".
I got used to enjoy idioms and phrases with a complex would the British professor despise me for like "See no evil" or "Something GOTTA give".
I love to sway here and there with that beloved language, sure it won't give me, poor boy me, a promising covenant like Jehovah with Israelites, but I'd not be a notorious sinner if I only used that limited ability of drawing words into English in that blog.
Am not Joseph Conrad as I said here before little while. I meant with that matter of the greatness of J Conrad when he's a polish, but many of English scholars consider him as an author who empowered the English language. That's sweet and magnificent, and am pretty sure I'd never be him.
So, as not being J Conrad, and as being this narrow space here is not a book, and as my angry folk do not pay to read, so I'd say "Hey guys! That's my blog here! Welcome, but I worn you, I am living in my own".