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Saturday, March 24, 2007

..التي وحدت الفرس و الروم

إيبرو جونديش التي لا امّل من سماعها، و لا يمل الاتراك و لا الفرس ايضا
اضغط هنا و هنا و هنا
و استمتع


fad-fadat nour said...

someone once said: there's magic in listening to a song in an unknown language..

(well it's unknown to me, at least)

plz, try the charm of Sibel Can ; that is if you haven't already.

a link to Can's "Lale Devri":

&, of course, thanks for sharing wonderful songs

Anonymous said...

just amaaaaazing

thaaank you

seni seviyorum

is simply the BEST


Anonymous said...


actually man
i see that she is not a merical,,
just eastern men always want what is not here

even if it was ODISSA
i'm not saying she is bad,,
but she is good only to her people,,
and (if) u r that brillian in turkish,, plz send me the translation of those song to judge lyrics also

Anonymous said...

why do we always tend to SCREW the beauty that others see?! =)
her voice quality is one of the best..
btw, the lyrics is nice, but my Turkish neighbor couldnt translate it well!

here is his poor try : -

take me from your power
if it does not reach…
heartfelt she does not pass my remark..
if after that you do not understand; is it possible that you dont listen
I can not love my artificial
my artificial rose becomes what?
An´ylar kilitlemith be to you
Like an indication she illustrates to me
Comes inner the you alsana
You become to me Yaz´yklar
I love and I love you much

Anonymous said...

i'm the same anonymous who sent the comment of why men like foreign women...
the comment after mine is nice
but can u tell me how u got the translation??
i'm not SCREW her (beauty)
i'm just saying her voice is nice....
but i hate this
to bring singer from WAGADOGO
& say woooooooooow he is great
his singing is merical !!!!!!
i name this (3o2det na2s)
congratulations for enjoying turkish songs
& it seems like i'm the only one who can't understand turkish.
but i didn't know it became a sin nowadays !!!!

Anonymous said...

ok anonymous, the translation is from my turkish neighbor (he sells kabab) i took the song and asked him to do it just for you !!!
the thing is: we look at the west in a very upset eye, thats what i meant screw the beauty.. just let the beauty be... trust me buddy.. west enjoy the east and they say wow about anything they hear ! its just about positiveness... so try to be positive!!! and dont distinguish between west & east.. its not the way to make peace in the world.. am not a tree hugger but am a fighter who fought for too long and finally i saw easier way to achieve justice & peace !

Anonymous said...

hi anonymous who sent song's translation

,i'm ur anonymous who got the honor to make u translate it for me :-)

i'm sara bytheway,,
i adore west's stuff,,
but only in languages i can understand wzout anybody's help,,
coz i wanna enjoy,, i'm not making master,,,lol

i enjoy english so much

i never get enough of it,,
thats my point
i hope u got it

sorry for being late in replying u,,
coz i was slightly ill,
so,,,happy mauled,, & happy easter

, & tnx for the man who hosts of discussion, :-)