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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Once there were a prince and a princess….

They were here, for months, as my beloved neighbors. They lived only ten minutes from my home, in a small cozy Cairo apartment, which was filled with the best thing ever; love.

Hatem, known as Timo,was my best friend who had found this magical bless, and Michelle, aka Micho, was the real answer for the life of an artist. He was Mediterranean from Egypt and she’s Caucasian from Canada. He lived in the biggest city in Africa, while she’s lived in a very quite city by the ocean. It was like a meeting for two different worlds, but, as we all may know—and may try to disbelieve sometimes—love finds a way.

Michelle was great when she sold her house and solved up her company in Canada, coming to Egypt trying to blend with the Egyptian life style, but she couldn't take it anyhow. Yet Hatem was great when he had the biggest decision in his life; moving to Canada.

They both were great when they prove to me that love stills a magical thing, that goodness is still here. I can believe the oldie sweet fairy tales I used to hear before going to bed.

Now, Mrs. Fathy, aka Michelle, is in Canada, waiting for the final touches before Mr. Fathy, aka Hatem, will go there and then the couple will establish a brand new life. Life with the real meaning lies in it; Life which believes in love, and treasure hope and sincerity.

It’s hard for me, Al, to wait for the day when our Timo will not be here, cracking us with his witty jokes and splendid soul. Sure I'll miss him sitting in my usual café or eating my favorite meal, or talking about life and art, or making our small laughs here in my blog, but deep down, into deep down my heart, I know that he'll be more than happy. Deep down my heart I know that he deserves to live a real life, with a sweet, sweet angel called Micho.

Godspeed Timo, we are all gonna miss you so…


hatem said...

hey's too early to say's not that sad..i was touched by those kind words of yours..thanks for that post!

Muhammad Aladdin said...

Ah! Six months goes like a blink, Timo!
and it is not sad for sure, dear great artist :)

AZ said...

congrats... wish u the best of lucky... may joy & happyness fill ur life :)

abdallah ahmed , عبدالله احمد said...

we will miss u hatem
wish u all the good in life & beyond
u are one of my mentor's

Yasser_best said...

أجمل ما فيك: وفاؤك لأصدقائك
محظوظ من كان له صديق جميل مثلك يا محمد علاء الدين
أقرأ لك.. فأجد أخيراً الهواء النقي الذي أبحث عنه

Muhammad Aladdin said...

اشكرك علي كلامك الرقيق الذي يخلق هذا الجمال الذي تتحدث عنه.. كن واثقًا

Aussie said...

From my experience, the Canadians have kinder hearts than their neighbors in the US.

I wish them both the very best future together. May they live long and know true happiness, and have healthy children!

Eve said...

mabrouk for the love birds!

Anonymous said...

I wish you both a real LOVE, and happiness .. maybe a couple of twins also :)

Ahmad Al-aidy

Anonymous said...

best things in life ... real love and...real luck 4 u muhammad.

Anonymous said...

الاستاذ محمد علاء الدين .. تحياتي الطيبة ، ارجو معذرتي على هذا التطفل و اود بداية ان اعرفك بنفسي انا سامح الاسواني ابن عبد الوهاب الاسواني ، و عرفت بالصدفة بامر مناقشة روايتك ، و اهنئك على صدورها ، و قرأت تعليقك عن المناقشين على الرواية و من بينهم تعليق الوالد ، و كنت اتمنى ان اشاهد صورته في ندوة الاتيليه ، لكن يبدوت ان ثمة مشكلة في الرابط ، فصور الندوة غير ظاهرة لي و عفوا كنت اود ان ترسلها لي ذلك لاني الان في بلاد الغربة ، و من الجميل ان ارى صورة ابي ، و هو يتواصل مع الحياة و الادباء الشبان و الميل الخاص بي كالتالي
و لك الشكر و التقدير
سامح الاسواني الرياض