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Friday, June 09, 2006

Line to Remember....

"Never allow yourself to feel anything because you always feel too much"
Marlon Brando


ma7shy said...

feeling is a single sesory modality inputed by the mind & sensation i.e "what you have sensed & what you are about to sense by your sensation now"

but the very that sensory modality is unique for human???

Neuro-psychiatry view point.

if you have an answer in the domain of "animals feels like & hate & become happy & are wrong man " , then you didn't reach the thought....because i am a bad conductor in verbal communication do not worry..or do not hammer "matdo2esh ya3ni":D

Locus coerulius

still breathing said...

معلش أصل محمد (محشي) في طب... عادي يعنى لما يبقي ده الكومنت بتاعه

*~Daisy~* said...

el mohemm enny kott 3awza a2ollak enn el gomla di gameela we mohemma, we ennaha kanet 7atfedny men 6 seneen AWI :D

Muhammad Aladdin said...


محصلش حاجة!!

ما هي كل الحاجات بتيجي غالبا متأخر

Anonymous said...

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