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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Nudity of The Mask

We have nothing but masks. Masks which we try hard not to discreet our real weak souls without. It will be always a quest we have to endure ; wearing our masks, never to show anyone what our real features are, our very selves included.
Can we, in a very special moment, take off that mask? Can we, in a very special gesture, nude that very mask? Can we ever assume that our beloved mask isn't a way of protection, it's a way of deceiving?! Not a way of holding but a way of persistent?
Can we escape our mask?
I doubt it.


Nour said...

Well, may be the question is "Who's actually worth the effort of revealing this mask??"

and I tell ya it's a great effort indeed..

Muhammad Aladdin said...

That's a great question here

ihath said...

عندما نخلع القناع نعرض أنفسنا للخطر
عندما نلبس القناع نحرم أنفسنا من فرصة التواصل مع الاخرين بألفة

في كل لحظة أواجه السؤال
هل أرغب بالأمان أم الألفة؟

Anonymous said...

To tell about masks, its a real pleasure for me to wear different masks for those whome I can not forgive them for forcing me to wear masks for them. I faithfully like to deceive them with the masks they asked for. When you have to enjoy wearing the mask and your trueself should be laughing under it,just be certain that some deserve only mask, they asked for it, your truself should be so precious, like a gemma, trueself is not for show, it is something has to be hidden and shown only for those who search for and have the ability and skill to find it, in a more modern language, those who are on the same wave that they catch or pick it.
Sometimes, Masks are great tool to save yourself and your crying. Sorry, but I love my unnumerous masks and love to play with them skilfully, my truself enjoys that.

Anonymous said...

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