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Friday, November 18, 2005

Coloring the eyeball..

When they look into my eyes, I always wonder what they'd find. Maybe I could ask them about their tiny small chit chat about me, what could I look with glasses, how I look into that shirt. But I fear to ask them what they saw into my eyes.
What makes the thing worse that, when I look into my eyes, I can see nothing.


Anonymous said...

let me tell u what i see in ur black shinning eyes :)
i gona look deeeeeeeeply to it - just to be sure -
oh god
how could i tell u that
i saw myself

Muhammad Aladdin said...

المفروض أن هذا هو جزئي الهارب و انني مصاب بانفصام في الشخصية
شكرا علي المداخلة

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