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Monday, September 12, 2005

Sometimes He drops by...

My name is Nothing. and I live into your chest. Some folks knows me as Fate. Do not panic. As I told you. Am living down your chest. You've already survived me. Set down. Take a deep breath. I can be whatever you want me to. I can be your father, mother, sister, even the woman you fuck. I can be you, while you still you. I can give you the privilage to techically fuck yourself. Oh, don't be such a coward. Please set down. Am your good oldie uncle. Look to my smile. My eyes. My palms. see the writings? on this right palm? It's you. It was always you. Do not look to mirrors to find yourself. My right palm is yourself. Weird? Yea! I agree, but, bro, what's the "normal" in all this fucken soup opera called life?! see? I have a point of view. Am Nothing. Nothing have everything. Just if you realy opened your eyes. I can be whatever you want me to be. I can be everything, even if that means I'd die. I can die for you. I can vanish my existance for you. But I surely know you won't do a single thing for me. I love you while you hate me. You chose me then you pitty me. I know you fear me. Who doesn't?! But beleive that, I fear you. Sometimes I do.


Eve said...

شو، إنت مصمّم توقظ لنا مواجعنا اليوم؟ :)
لأ، بس بجد، حبيتها. شكراً على كتاباتك النهارده.

Muhammad Aladdin said...

لا شكر علي واجب يا فندم، و ده شرف لينا انك حبتيها