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Saturday, August 13, 2005

When am not there....

Mighty God asked me "Why you can't be just a human being?" he said "you are pain in the ass". I didn't bother to smile, while am saying "Why can't you be just an Almighty God?" I said, "Cuz in a glimpse of time, I think we've switched places..."


Peach said...

holly! This is deeper than my humble emagination can comprehend ;)

sherif said...

Am not preaching here, nor am I re defining morals, n the should’s n’ shouldn’t ‘s..

but I do feel it’s highly inappropriate for someone to write that God would say smthn as pain in the ass..

Yet the back breaking point was really the part that tells (Why can't you be just a almighty God?)…

Come on !!!

Muhammad Aladdin said...

Peach and sherif

Peach said...

sherif yeah! well, how about this joke then:

There was a flod in Rome. People were running away everywhere and the Pope just sat where he was and did nothing. When the water reached his kneese a man came to him in a boat and said: Pope, come with me I will save you, you will drown here. The Pope said:No! I am the Pope. God will save me.
So the man left and the water started reaching the Pope's waist. Another guy in a boat came to him and said the same thing. The Pope said:No! I am the Pope. God will save me. Then finally when the water reached his neck a third boat came along and same story. Same answer from the Pope. So then the Pope drowned! He went up to God and said:Lord! how can u let me die? I am the Pope. You're supposed to save me.
And God said: I sent u three boats u son of a bitch!!!!

lol I'm sorry I don't mean to be austentatious or to ridicule the mention of the Lord. But I believe God is first and further most in the heart. No matter what ur tounge might say, God is inside & his love is unconditional. He understands your "niya" and that's what I think matters.

Muhammad Aladdin said...

LOL! I know this one in arabic, but loved it within english!

sheryos said...

Peach :
i quote from u sayiin :
" . But I believe God is first and further most in the heart."....ok, what if a guy just spreads all of these stupid rumors n' silly abusive jokes abt you, n' when u finally confront him, he says (but i do respect you in the heart) !!

what i mean is that, all of THE DIVINE issues shouldn't be a subject to humor,for they have a ranking far beyond jokes n' tales..

Mohamed :
WOW !! way to go for an reply.. only 2 characters !?

Muhammad Aladdin said...

:) :) :)
With love, Sherif!

Peach said...

Sheryos ;)
That's where u and me are different. I would not confrunt anyone saying anything about me. If I had the chance and if the person was really close to me I might ask a simple "why?". Otherwise it doesn't really matter what who says about me. There are ocion drops of ppl on this earth. If you are a good person those who know u will respect u. Those who don't might not respect u, but u can't blame them they don't know! all u can do is look on them in kindness till they do know. When u know God, U respect & honour him. If you don't, you will not respect god, but he will continue to look upon you kindly. Untill youm el 7isab that is.. ;)
Sorry for the late reply .. computer trouble ;p

Peach said...

Besides.. I really don't believe that god is in a word!

Muhammad Aladdin said...

I really do agree with ya, peachy