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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Can I look into yr pants, please?!

مهدي لأيف

What is the one word you would use to describe your appearance?
Shy and unnotable.

Favorite body part?
Eyes for sure! those ones I hide with athick glasses!

Least favorite body part?
really don't know

Most often complimented on?
being a smart ass!

Most often criticized for?

Your romantic relationship?
nothing..Am single (And that's not an ad! or "help me" phrase! Grr!)

Your relationship to your parents?
quite neutral

Your feelings about parenting?
I wish If i have a kid right now.

Your hobbies?
my hobbies are my profession, reading and writing, add music as well.

Your favorite personality type for a friend?
Tells me my faults, at least in his/her own eyes.

Favorite personality type for a spouse or lover?
to be very kind and very warm. Woman can't be but so in my opinion.

Favorite type of movie?
romantic comedies, drama

Favorite cuisine?
ummmm...chicken, Pizza, macarony..many things actually.

Favorite treat?
A visit to Diwan library, drinking Cuppoccino in my fav. cafe.

Favorite gift?
A book

Most sensitive “unusual” erogenous zone?
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! ya expect me to answer that? Okie, am a man! got it? :P

Favorite pet?
Cats for sure..Dogs are lovely as well

Subject of blogging post that got the most hits?
.... و اتركني مليّا


Eve said...

enjoyed reading ur replies. I see you didn't tag anyone.. is that because you read the comments I received concerning that post? Those were some comments!

Muhammad Aladdin said...

That's good ya've enjoyed reading them, wish I had the same feelings!
Just didn't came to my mind to tag anyone, not out of the comments.

Anonymous said...

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