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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

رجال تاريخيون

شون كونري

بروس ويليز

جاك نيكولسون

و............. ارنولد


the violet flower said...

what about john travolta.

Guevara said...

جبت الحاجات دي منين يا علاء؟؟ جامدة جداً

Tara said...

الفكرة حلوة والرسم احلى

شكرا انك خليتنا نشوفهم معك

أحمد said...

هو ارنولد بيعمل ايه معاهم

أحمد said...

هو ارنولد بيعمل معاهم ايه

Muhammad Aladdin said...

No Travolta available till now

ya can hit the site which is written in the pic's corner :)

pleasure is mine dear. Thanks for coming here :)

Nothing actually! :P

Anonymous said...

hey 3ala2... there r dozens of other stuff..Travolta is included too :D..i only sent you what i thought was the best.. but the rest is ok too i guess..
email me if you want someone specific..


W. said...

I loved the pictures! My fav one is of Sean Conery.. isn't he a hottie!?!! LOL

Muhammad Aladdin said...

Yep..gimme a travolta for violet here :)

ummmmmm! Can't agree in the same way, that could lay shadowes on my sexuality! :P :P :P

Shamoussa said...

I love worth 1000 pics too! I'm so glad you posted them.. I almost forgot about this site! Which gallery are they on??

Muhammad Aladdin said...

Am glad ya've visted the blog, Shamoussa, am thrilled ya've liked the stuff here. :)

As for the gallery, it's called Modern Renaissance or something

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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