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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Tiny Lives, Small Talks

It was a boring afternoon. so, when Aidy called me to meet him at Miret, I was more than willing. I went to Miret, found Hamdy Abou Goulayel and knew about the release of his novel's french translation "Retired Theives". I congratulate him with a real happiness. Hamdy is a talented novelist, and I was happy for that book to be sent in a new horizon, dealing with the french readers. It's true that a doubt will be sure arose calculating how many "masses" would preview his work, but it stills great to me if ya even reach to a single forigen reader.
We, me, Ahmad, and Abou Goulayel, went to Akhbar Al Adab in its new partition in Akhbar Al Yum's old building. We left Abou Goulayel to go and greet Gamal Al Gittany. He was more than warm with us, me and Ahmad, and he gave some of his overloaded time with a real generosity. He was even kind to ask me to send him the new novel's final draft--Adam's Gospel--to read. "For my own pleasure" he said.
We've returned to Miret, then we met M.Hamad (The Fifth Pound-Writer), and A. Khaled (The Fifth Pound-Dirctor) and we ate macarony with a great joy, in some resturant I personally like, in Bab El Louk.
I was kinda happy of that gathering. Me, Aidy, Hamad, and Khaled. It felt like sweet unity between some kids of the same generation whom really love to create something new. When we are drinking sodas in my best fav. teahouse, when we are joking nearly about every thing a man could see, or feel, or hear, or touch. And when we are about to vanish in the strange, unforgiven and unfaithful city of us, We've smiled, waved to eachothers, then we said something dirty, with a great esctasy.


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